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Coding made waaaaay easier

No typing. No tricky syntax. Just drag blocks of code with your finger and play what you make instantly. BAM.


Make your own games

You can make your own version of popular games like Geometry Dash, create awesome art or build something brand new. Try doing fashion design, a journey into outer space, or making a piano. The sky is the limit :)

Anyone can play your games

Publish what you make into the Hopscotch community and others can instantly play your games on any iPad or iPhone.

Learn core coding concepts

Hopscotch is easy to use, but don’t let that fool you. It’s a powerful language. Explore computer science fundamentals like abstraction, variables, conditionals, loops, and more—while making stuff that you actually want to play.

Tons of free resources to help you

We have 20+ super easy-to-follow video tutorials that teach you how to make games like Flappy Bird, create pixel art, and more. Or, build your chops with 40+ coding challenges. Parents and teachers can use our free, 7-week project-based curriculum to lead fun (and legit) computer science programs. Learn more

All kinds of people <3 Hopscotch

Kids, programmers, parents, and teachers


It's WAY more fun to make a game then to play it.- ChickenLord, Hopscotcher


I never thought I'd love programming so much. This is what I want to do when I grow up. :)- Amara, Hopscotcher


Hopscotch is so much fun! I went to Hawaii and played it for the whole flight. :D- Zoe, Hopscotcher


I like Hopscotch because you need to use your brain, it's not mind-numbing like some other apps.- Utensil Mouth, Hopscotcher


I tried Hopscotch and my boys are addicted. Fun, learning & Problem solving!
- Leslie, Mom


I LOVE this app. Our students have been introduced to coding through it. I'm very impressed with the creativity they have shown.- Kelly, teacher

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