You have a canvas to create games, turn your drawings into animations, and build anything else you can imagine.



When you’re done coding, you can publish their game for your friends and family to play.



You can explore projects made by other kids to get inspiration for your next game.


Express your personality

Programming is an art as much as a science. You can express your ideas in a Hopscotch through games, apps, animations, and more.


Experiment and learn

There are no mistakes, just opportunities to explore. With Hopscotch you'll discover new questions and answer them yourself. You can't make a syntax error so you are free to explore your wildest ideas.


Experience how software is made

You can take control of your own technology. If you know how apps and games are made, you can understand them and feel comfortable using them for your own purposes.




We are parents, 


and educators.


Our mission is to create a programming environment that lets kids explore powerful ideas while making real software.


Jocelyn Leavitt

Jocelyn was a teacher at the Dalton School in NYC, and has been working with constructivist, experiential project-based learning since her undergraduate days. She wished she had known what engineering was as a kid; she started this company so other kids would. She grew up in Honolulu and her preferred state is oceanic immersion. She used to front a rock band and nothing can get between her and Chop’t.


Samantha John

Samantha fell in love with programming during her senior year at Columbia. Since then, she's been on a mission to introduce every kid to this amazing skill. She's been influenced by the likes of John Holt and Ivan Illich and cares deeply about empowering kids to learn on their own. She hails from the proud city of Detroit and can probably beat you barefoot in a marathon.


Ana Handley

Ana is the smiley face behind the Hopscotch hello email. She is a self-taught coder and game designer she’s currently developing her own point and click adventure! She’s lived in six different countries and appropriately majored in International Relations. She joined Hopscotch because she thinks learning how to code is necessary in our changing world.


Rodrigo Tello

Mexican designer, bedroom musician, GIF maker. Originally educated as an architect, he started playing around with websites and computers by changing files’ extensions and opening them on a text editor when he was 11. Rodrigo believes the Internet can help us understand the world better and wants to make Hopscotch a tool for infinite creative expression.


Nazarí González

At 14, Nazarí learned to program so he could make a custom world for Ultima Online. Now he’s helping kids everywhere create their own worlds with Hopscotch. Nazarí spends his spare time writing game engines (he’s written two so far!) and building his own games, including his biggest success: Nazarí was born and raised in the Canary Islands and loves to take long walks in the mountains with his dogs.



Love Hopscotch

The more I use Hopscotch, the more I realize I’m teaching my students to think.

 — Paul, ICT Teacher

This is best coding app I have ever seen for a mobile device! It’s intuitive, educational, and most importantly, fun!

— TheJanik4, family

I love Hopscotch because when you create something, it feels like you have accomplished something amazing.

— Winning Monkey, Hopscotcher

My son, AJ, is loving Hopscotch and this has opened up another world of something that interests him - makes learning fun!

— Michelle, mom