First timers welcome

You don't need to be a coder to teach kids to code


Play to your strengths

You’re a teacher, not a computer scientist. Model active learning by giving students a powerful tool and exploring together. The most successful teachers we've seen hand Hopscotch to their students and give them full responsibility for expertise.


Engage every learner

Every kid learns in their own way. Let them use open-ended tools to build what interests them. You’ll be thrilled to see the different ways different kids will shine.


Be a leader

Parents will love the STEM exposure and administration will love the innovation in your classroom. Show your school how easy it is to take initiative on activities that engage students and deepen learning.


Accelerate engagement

with a tool Designed by and for educators


Skip the headaches of setup

Make your life easier with our free, complete lesson plans and classroom accounts. Our painless implementation gets your students learning faster. Sign up below to get your student accounts.


Meet students where they are

Good educators know that students are most engaged by the things they're already interested in. Whether art, games, sports, or stories, your students will have the freedom to code whatever excites them. Their projects can be as simple or as complex as they want. 


Give students a safe place to learn

No personal information required. Our fully moderated community is COPPA-compliant and iKeepSafe & KidsSafeSeal verified.


Create and play for free

Students can create, share, and play others’ projects for free. Some tutorials require a subscription. Email us for classroom discounts.


Everything you need to get started

free lesson plans and student accounts

designed for educators with no prior coding experience

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Introductory Coding Curriculum

Build competency in computer science by helping your students create their own versions of popular App Store games like Crossy Road and Subway Surfers. Differentiated and aligned to the Common Core and Next Generation Science and Engineering Standards.


Scratch Jr to Hopscotch Transition Guide

Transition your students from ScratchJr to more advanced coding on Hopscotch. These have block-to-block comparisons and suggestions for building off concepts explored in ScratchJr.


Lesson plans for coding in Math, Science, ELA, and Social Studies

Create new opportunities for students to apply coding to other subject areas. Copy our GoogleDoc folder and make these examples your own.


Teachers like you

love hopscotch

I am a 4th grade teacher who LOVES your app. Our students have been introduced to coding through it and I am impressed with the creativity they have shown and the skills they are building while creating projects.

— Kelley, 4th grade teacher

Thanks for a great product. I work in curriculum technology and love your app. I have been using it along with kodable, daisy the dinosaur, light bot, cargo bot and tynker for students in K-5 in our district. Once they get the hang of it, most of the kids love Hopscotch the most.

— Stuart, Technology Integrator

My students love working on this app and being able to code has given them a much better understanding of how computers work. Hopscotch has demystified the tech in their lives. Now, they look at something on the computer and say 'I could code that!'

— Jesse, 5th grade teacher

I got in a little trouble for the kids "not being able to put it down" in their regular classes. Thanks for that! I like having to defend individualized, differentiated, engaged and excited learning.

— Aaron, Technology Integrator