"Hopscotch is the only activity I can think of where she uses both her left and right brain."

—sayeed (Parent)

build skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and logic

Research shows that kids acquire these STEM skills best through open-ended play. Coding apps and games prepares your child for high school, college, and beyond.



encourage creativity and confidence

So much of kids’ days are prescribed by what adults want them to do. When kids design and make their own apps, they learn that their ideas have power.

facilitate collaboration with peers

In today's global and interconnected society, it's critical that kids learn to work together. Our fully moderated community ensures collaboration is safe for everyone.


Inspire passion for creation

your child will love coding apps and games


find the right path for every kid

Whether art, games, sports, or stories, your kid will have the freedom to make things that appeal to them. Our open-ended tool is designed for kids aged 8 and older.


Get support at any level

Self-paced video tutorials teach your kid coding through making popular games, like Pokemon Go, Geometry Dash, drawing apps, and more. 


provide adaptive, educational fun

Your kid will never run out of ideas. As they become better programmers, Hopscotch will continue to inspire and challenge them to create increasingly advanced games and apps. 



your child can learn anywhere

Parents like you

love hopscotch

I had ZERO background or programming experience. I actually personally checked all 8 or 10 of these blogs about recommendations. And Hopscotch was the most intuitive and interactive. It’s not like you’re just playing video games. My daughter loves it!

— Mom, S., to 8 year old daughter

My seven year old daughter captured essence of programming after hour with Hopscotch. Whether or not she goes on to a STEM field, this is going to be an experience she remembers her entire life. You guys are changing lives. Thanks!

— Dad, F. to 7 year old daughter

I am THRILLED that there is a safe, interesting, engaging place for children to learn to code. This app really allows his creativity to shine, and his five year old little sister has become so interested in the app, and doesn't even know what coding is. THANK YOU, and keep up the good work!

— Mom, C. to 10 year old son

My son feels special because you have allowed him to create something that he thought could only be created by tech savvy adults. He is now looking at apps and seeing possibilities for himself rather than just wanting to buy them to play. As a parent I am so proud of not only the end result of his programming but the fact that he became totally absorbed in his learning and was able to use problem solving and creative thinking skills critical for someone to be a successful learner in the 21st century.

— Mom, B. to 9 year old son