Educator / Student Account Questions

What is the age range for Hopscotch?

Hopscotch is designed for young people ages 7-13, but anyone who wants to make their own software can use it.

Teachers use it with 18 year-olds in their AP Statistics classes (one wrote a textbook), and professors use it with college students to introduce computer programming concepts.

What platforms is Hopscotch on?

Currently, you can use Hopscotch on iPads and iPhones. Hopscotch is not avaialable on Android devices or in browsers yet.

Is Hopscotch free for teachers?

Educators have access to a free version of Hopscotch. This gives their students full use of the open-ended Hopscotch editor, and unlimited drafts of projects. A curriculum guide is available here. Fill out the form here to get a class roster with logins and passwords.

What is the paid schools version of Hopscotch?

To get the full Hopscotch experience, we recommend you upgrade to our paid version (at a substantial discount to list price).

The paid version includes:

  • A teacher dashboard to view and control student accounts, which means easier control of classrooms.

  • Access to the full library of 60+ hours of self-paced coding tutorials; great for differentiated learning.

  • Ability to import custom art and images; great for using Hopscotch in disciplines outside of technology class.

  • Ability to generate custom names and passwords

For more info, please write to us at

Where can I see projects my students published?

You can see them in the app in the section called “My Classroom”.

I accidentally signed up for a parent account, how can I get a teacher dashboard?

Contact us at and we’ll help to transfer your account.

Can my students play at home using their school account?


Where can I learn more about coding with Hopscotch

Please check our help docs here:

I am getting an SSL error

It sounds like Hopscotch might be blocked by your school's firewall.

Please make sure that the following URLs are allowed:

I have another question, how can I get in touch?

Email us:

Feedback of any kind is welcome. We love hearing from you!